Be a hero and join us!

Are you a professional shooter who likes to go to shooting ranges? Are you a complete beginner who has never held a real gun in your hand? If you are a professional or a complete beginner and want to go shoot alone or with friends, neither of the options is a problem. The reaction to the shots that your gun in your hands will make is perhaps a certain relaxation. Did you know that a lot of women also go to the shooting range? It is definitely a better option than just sitting at home on your ass and thinking about all the bad things life has thrown at us. Take your rage into your own hands and come roar at the shooting range! Overall, people are looking for the cheapest routes to their experiences. For that reason, we would like to inform you that the shooting range in Prague is really very cheap and has much more experience with customers and firearms than any other. A shooting range in Prague cheap – that`s what many people are looking for – and that`s why the price is adjusted according to the customer himself, so that everyone can try shooting with a real gun or other possible alternatives. See for yourself what suits you best or what suits your group or your best half.

pistole - žena

What to do when the weather is bad outside? Some experiences may be further away than where you live, but they are definitely worth driving a few kilometers further. Because you can find a lot of fun in Prague. In the capital with lots of fun and possibilities. If you don`t care about paying for some entertainment, then simply look at what you can do in Prague without having to pay. There`s really a lot of it. There are hundreds of walks and trips in and around Prague. What will you choose? What you love?

Above all, don`t wait for anything. You only have one life. If a friend named boring hugs you… quickly run away from such a friend!

zbraně a kulky

Shooting guns can become a very welcome hobby. There are even different competitions in which you may or may not participate. That depends only on you and your ambitions. You always choose the best option for you. So what will it be? You`re not afraid, are you? For such an experience, prepare a sharp eye, a steady hand and a mood according to your discretion. Some people really only go to the shooting range to improve their mood. Not once does it hit the mark, but it feels good to be doing something. So if you don`t hit even once – don`t be sad. You won`t embarrass yourself.